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Mr. Mohsen  is the founder of the site and he is a writer and blogger on the Internet, open to the world, loves development, loves writing, has a university degree,

It is a site dedicated to a blog with important news, stories, explanations, and topics
This site can be seen as a partner to a lot of success in the community
. The site is divided into our concept of needs

About the author
He is an Egyptian blogger, born in Tripoli, Tripoli, born in 1977, Egyptian nationality. , and one of the most famous of them was working with companies, from which he made an immeasurable wealth. He succeeded in taking advantage of his skill in blogging and writing, which had always been the dream of his life
He won wide fame where he lives, many rely on him to take his advice and advice
Accordingly, he created the website https://souqtube.com/, which won the admiration of many for its articles and blogs of an easy nature.

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It is to establish a relationship between the visitor and the site with the greatest benefit from the information, and we also try to be the best and strive to be the preferred site for visitors and to listen well to any notes and instructions. We also want to enter all markets and meet all tastes.

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 through your interactions and posts,   the site becomes the first and last resort for every visitor