Alexis Sharkey’s Instagram star is found dead


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    Alexis Sharkey Instagram star in heartbreaking news

    Suddenly we wake up to the heartbreaking news of her being found dead and naked on the road to Texas

    The body of a 26-year-old Instagram influencer who evaporated a week ago was found on a street in Houston throughout the end of the week, specialists said Monday.

    Alexis Robinault, who passed by Alexis Sharkey and depicted herself as a “guide,” had no noticeable injuries and her reason for death hadn’t yet been resolved, the Houston Police Department said in a proclamation.

    Alexis Sharkey

    The last time they talked, Stacey Robinault and her Instagram star girl, Alexis Sharkey, were arranging Christmas in Pennsylvania.

    “We haven’t seen her since last Christmas and that is the longest we’ve ever gone,” Robinault said. “We were frantic to see her and eager to see her.”

    Important articles

    Sharkey, the most seasoned of three sisters, experienced childhood in northwestern Pennsylvania, graduated summa cum laude with a science certificate and wanted to apply to clinical school.

    “At that point, she took a year off, and that year thumped her onto an alternate way, which occurs,” Robinault said.

    Sharkey moved to West Texas, where she met and wedded Tom Sharkey and turned into a full-time online media influencer. They moved to Houston in January.

    “She cherished what she did,” Robinault said. “She had been working with an online organization and was selling all wellbeing based haircare and body-care items.”

    Robinault’s bad dream started on Saturday night when her girl’s significant other and companions called to state Sharkey was missing and that they had detailed her vanishing to Houston police.

    “One companion stated, ‘I went to her loft and she’s not there, and we should get together,'” Robinault said. “At the point when you begin to hear these accounts and you simply realize that is wrong, something’s incorrectly – she’s never that distant from her gadget; [she’s] standing up her companions; [her] spouse doesn’t have the foggiest idea where she is, the entirety of that. The entirety of that strikes dread.”

    On Monday, murder criminologists told the family that the exposed body found out and about a couple of miles from the Sharkey’s condo by a waste vehicle driver on Saturday was, indeed, Alexis Sharkey.

    “We are destroyed. We are totally destroyed,” Robinault said. “The family is simply so crushed – her cousins, her sisters, her 13-year-old sister. It’s simply so troublesome.”

    Information on her passing would have been obliterating regardless, Robinault added, yet the puzzling conditions exacerbate the situation.

    “The manner by which she was found – my youngster could never do that to herself,” Robinault said. “That doesn’t bode well. That is totally treachery.”

    “There isn’t anything to me that proposes that this was a mishap,” she added. “Furthermore, there’s nothing to me that recommends whatever else, other than that this was done to her. Also, I accept that in my mom’s gut.”


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