Amendment Twenty-Fifth | Trump’s Secrets and Insecurity new 2021

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth |
    A mob surrounded the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

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    Amendment Twenty-Fifth | Trump’s Secrets and Insecurity

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth 

    No one thought that this would ever happen in the United States
    Yes, we may think that there will be demonstrators for a cause
    But what is happening is strange

    Trump, is there anyone to support?

    A question that is frequently asked, but only the security institutions in the United States will answer it, but we believe that those who support Trump are the ones who benefit from it personally, whether at the local or global level.

    What is the secret of the demonstrations?

    The secret is that when Trump felt that there was no hope of remaining in power, and despite his emphasis on handing over power, he wanted to do as the child bullying his peers when they rejected him, he spoiled the game.
    This is how Trump behaves

    Is there any fraud?

    That word should be directed at the entire American people. If there is fraud, then is it after everyone knows that the United States is a symbol of freedom and democracy?
    Do they question the judiciary? Do they question the security services there?
    The judiciary has ruled that these are nothing but nonsense and lies, and the security services have not proven anything suspicious. Rather, they have not issued a single report that there is any fraud in the elections.
    The whole story is that Trump wants to feel that he has supporters going out for him

    The big secret is
    Trump wants to send a message to anyone, especially Biden, that he can’t be touched when he leaves the White House
    He is aware that Biden and his group may search Trump’s papers after he is gone
    A superposition he wanted to send to them that if they thought that they would hold him accountable, there is a word he gave to the people, which is a forgery
    Even if someone sues him for any reason, even if it is corruption, then it is dismissed with a word of forgery, or they want to eliminate it
    The thing that makes many think that he would be held accountable for fear of his supporters. He wanted to build false immunity.
    He wants to protect himself and his assistants from any question
    Here, this is the secret, searched in his papers Biden, perhaps you will find shame
    Although there is no physical evidence for this, this is a theory that goes in another direction
    Everyone asks why now, for the first time, this unrest is taking place after a presidential election
    The first time he called the word fraud in the United States, he stigmatized his country with shame. When the states will speak to any country with forgery, they will be told, and you too are Zorto
    It’s a shame


    What is the 25th Amendment?


    And 25 amendments contain four sections, and they belong to the president’s ability to perform the duties of the presidency and what happens in the event that the commander in chief is no longer able to carry out his job. The amendment empowers the vice president to become interim president, enabling a smooth transition of power in emergency situations.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth

    The amendment also stipulates that the president can nominate the vice president if there is a vacancy.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth


    The portion of the 25th Amendment now under discussion generally relates to Section 4, which would allow the Vice President and a majority of either the President’s government or members of Congress to declare in writing to the Provisional Senate Speaker and House Speaker that the sitting President is unable to perform the duties of the office. This instantly makes the vice president the acting president.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth

    The president can step back from the effort of the vice president and Congress, however, declare him suitable for the position in official writings. From there, the vice president and those who support the dismissal will have four days to disagree, or the current president will resume the presidency. If they don’t agree, Congress can settle the matter by vote.

    As chaos and violence erupted on Capitol Hill, lawmakers, members of the business community, and others began calling for the president to be removed from office. Earlier in the day, Trump told his supporters at a nearby rally, “We will never give up and never give up.” Trump’s tweets, some of which have been deleted or blocked, continued to motivate audiences.

    “We will walk down Pennsylvania Avenue … and we’ll go to the Capitol,” Trump said at the rally. After that, the supporters marched to the Capitol, where they later broke through the barriers and entered the building. Hours passed as lawmakers and lawmakers urged Trump to call on the mob to step down.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth


    Ultimately, Trump gave a brief recorded statement asking the rioters to return home, describing them as “special people,” adding “we love you,” while continuing to circulate false allegations of voter fraud, as he had done for months.

    As night fell, social media cracked down on Trump, reporting Twitter, deleting multiple tweets, and slapping Trump, suspended for 12 hours. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat followed suit.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth


    This is not the first time that the 25th Amendment has been mentioned during the Trump presidency. On October 1, Trump announced on Twitter that First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. Soon after, he was hospitalized, given oxygen and treated with strong medications known to have “ecstasy” side effects.

    After being diagnosed with the Coronavirus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation that would allow Congress to enact the 25th Amendment if Trump becomes incapacitated, despite her insistence at the time that the legislation did not specifically target Trump.

    When he was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, while still under the supervision of a physician and steroid dexamethasone, he abruptly halted negotiations to verify the stimulus, only to return it hours later, offering the stimulus package that eventually faded. At the time, Democrats in Congress debated calling the 25th Amendment, but did not put the matter to a vote.

    Section 4, the part largely referenced throughout the week, was never enacted, and it only came close once during the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth

    Congress approved the Twenty-Fifth Amendment in 1965. President Lyndon Johnson endorsed it and adopted it as an amendment the following year.

    The first use of other sections of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment was in 1973 when President Richard Nixon nominated Gerald Ford to replace Vice President Spiro Agnew, who resigned. The amendment was used again when Nixon resigned, Ford assumed the presidency, and Nelson Rockefeller chose the vice president.

    Amendment Twenty-Fifth

    More recently, President George W. Bush twice invoked the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to temporarily transfer presidential powers to Vice President Dick Cheney while Bush underwent colonoscopy under anesthesia, first in 2002 and then again in 2007. His father, then Vice President George was HW Bush received the authority of the 25th Amendment from President Ronald Reagan in 1985.



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