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    lever buyer & customerThe buyer and the smart customer is an important topic, everyone is overlooked, please complete the article


    clever buyer & customer| The best clever buyer & customer

    clever buyer & customer | The best clever buyer & customer Are you wondering about that title?
    Do not be surprised by the topic here in order to make your life better and why not the goal is to enjoy buying at the lowest cost and maximum benefit

    Many people are completely unaware that the purchasing process has plans, methods and principles
    Imagine that you went to buy something you love and you are happy to acquire it. Which one is better if you buy it at a high price or a cheap price. Of course, if you buy it at a lower price, your happiness will be more.
    In order to get there, you must train yourself to be a clever buyer or a clever customer


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    What is the concept of buying


    The purchase is the outcome of the transaction between the seller and the buyer, and it is also the exchange process that takes place between the seller and the buyer on a commodity, the barter process that takes place between them. The simplified definition is the process of mutual sales between two parties, one of which is the seller and the other is a buyer, and the buyer is the one who gives the money and is the basis of the deal
    Which will not take place without the presence of the two parties and also will not take place without the presence of the commodity in the possession of the seller and the money in possession of the buyer


    The goal of each of them (the seller and the buyer) is to fulfill the demand and implement the process, and the seller has a desire to grant his goods to the buyer, and there is a desire from the buyer to acquire the goods

    clever buyer & customer


    Understand it

    Desire is the basis and then the availability of the conditions agreed upon between the seller and the buyer
    Because every sale has specifications and conditions that are determined between the two parties and the skilled buyer or the skilled customer

    He is the one who fulfills all of his conditions and the seller is satisfied with them, and the conditions here are not in quantity but with quality

    The seller’s requirements can be of several clauses, and you are your terms one or two clauses, and you are the winner in both parties



    How can I be clever buyer & customer


    Buy products with a long shelf life – avoid single-use materials.
    Buy products that have minimal packaging
    Buy products in their concentrated form.
    Buy only what you need. With less consumption, you can eliminate less waste.
    Consider buying in bulk for those essential purchases


    Buy products with a long shelf life – avoid single-use materials
    Meaning that the first thing you think about is when you find a commodity in more than one form or different in price and specifications. It is better to choose the oldest of them, ie the period of validity is large (your eye is on the production date, the period of validity and the date of expiration)


    Buy the latest in this production date in the event that the product is a commodity that expires with the passage of time without using such as food, drink, medicine and the like


    Buy products that have minimal packaging
    Because your goal is the commodity in the first place and its quality and not the envelope from the outside, the envelope may be normal, but the value of the product is high. There are many marketers who care about appearance more than the essence. Except in the case that it helps to extend the shelf life of the product


    Buy products in their concentrated form.
    In that, a lot of savings because the process of disassembling the product, melting it and preparing it for use directly, here the cost is higher because there is an effort and an expense that has a price.


    Buy only what you need. With less consumption, you can eliminate less waste.
    You should also just buy what you need. Always think of spending money in the right place. There are many products that have increased potential, but you do not need them and often have an unjustified luxury.


    Consider buying in bulk for those essential purchases
    This is because in this case you guarantee that the product will not be expensive after a period or that you reduce the costs of transportation and frequent transportation



    Several tips to be clever buyer & customer

    Saving money is not for the purpose of acquiring it, but the goal is to have a capacity of money that makes you a hunter of opportunities, and the more opportunities in front of you, you will have a feeling of happiness more.


    You may enter the supermarket and find what is so good and good, but you are walking by the principle of buying only what I need and the best and most expensive here. High quality and you also need it, but this is an offer that is not repeated, so you can buy it because your budget is strong and allows it


    You may go for a trip or to the beach, but you are going to relax at the beach
    And you find a hotel within walking distance to the beach and its price is expensive because it overlooks the beach and at the same time there is a hotel that is a greater distance away, but you can walk to the beach and it is cheaper than the first. This may be the best, but you may find an apartment at a greater distance and install a cheap continuation The price and also renting the apartment is cheaper, so that’s the best


    Let’s calculate it to understand

    I went for the trip with 1000 dollars with you
    The beachfront hotel costs you $ 200 a night, and you will sleep three nights if you pay $ 600.
    The hotel that is farthest from the beach and you walk by foot overnight costs $ 150 if you spend $ 450
    As for the apartment, it costs you 50 dollars a night, and transportation is 10 dollars a day if you spend 180 dollars
    In the first case, you have 400 dollars, the second is 550 dollars, while the third one remains with you, 820 dollars. You can imagine while you are at the end of your journey and found a product at a price of 600 dollars, which is an opportunity that does not replace because the price of the original is 1000 dollars in any case you can seize the opportunity


    Pay close attention

    The example we explained earlier was not only intended to save, but to think smart
    Not all cases, saving is beneficial, you may find a product of three grades, but it is less expensive and cheaper, but not useful or unhealthy
    The point is to be smart looking at the product and looking at the deal


    Much does not notice

    Dear before you buy something you must be aware of several things
    What are the specifications of your product, its value, its best condition, is the price appropriate for its value, and is there another place available in abundance and cheaper, and what are its components, i.e. you know everything about it before going to buy it
    Don’t say why this is stressful.

    I tell you if, for example, when you buy a car, do you go and buy without knowing the technical specifications, the capacity of the motor and the filling of the fuel tank, do you consume high fuel, what are the safety features in it, and also where it was made and many things to ensure that you bought the best car at the best price

    The same is the case with every commodity and product. If you apply this, it will always reach the best.

    Yes, there may be an effort of a certain kind, but the value is to be a skilled buyer, so the principle of (the money owner is a hunter) applies to you
    And also to know that what we explained in the past is the thinking of the rich and the poor. They always think of luxury more than value and will always fall under the shrewdness of the marketer and the seller.

    Finally, negotiation is always required in deals. Do not make your deal from one side. Always display your terms. Perhaps they accept and do not accept the pressure of the seller and his methods of display, unless they are in line with your desire.


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