Electoral College vote|Are the elections rigged?


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    Controversy continues among members of the Trump campaign who claimed that there is a breach and fraud in the US elections
    Weird thing and the first time it happens that Electoral College votes in the United States are said to be rigged

    Electoral College vote

    It’s very hard to believe, but why did Trump say that after Biden garnered more than 270 votes?
    The secret is that Trump, the first thing he could not believe, was that his term would end so quickly
    This did not happen before, except once
    And the reason Trump does not believe that is because he started his term with the word jobs and jobs and was adopting a policy of more money for the American people.


    Electoral College vote
    Who among us does not want that, but here is the difference in the way, Trump was not attracting money through professional intelligence, but attracting money through bravado and blackmail in exchange for providing services to the world

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    Electoral College vote
    Some may say, and what is wrong with that, but come we understand that in return for that method, the peoples ’discontent with the United States’ policy, which would shrink the economy, increased.
    Economy and politics are a dual process that never divides. Trump may collect money from other countries, but in the short term it produces money and in the long run the United States may lose more markets in light of the growing Chinese and Russian economies
    However, Trump failed to save lives from the Corona pandemic and did not take appropriate precautions, which led to the wrath of the Americans against him.
    And the emergence of a racist wave against people of color changed all that led to loss
    Here Trump was never believing that he was losing I think that what he did was in the interest of America, and it is still believed until now, and he claimed many falsehoods that were denied by one court after another.
    Trump seemed very confused even in his actions and actions. As for Biden, who gave new hope to correct the course of the American people, and here he will wait for many Americans, and in a new state and a new era until the whole world awaits that.
    Trump was not dealing in the way of diplomats, but he was dealing as a cowboy on his farm, and politics is not so
    In the end, we all wish for more hope and happiness for all peoples of the world, and for the American people to conceal themselves in proving that they are the best in the modern nations.

    Electoral College vote
    It will be Biden’s official inauguration by the Election Commission and the beginning of a new era, a new year, and a new American dream
    Greetings to all peoples and Happy New Year. 


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