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    Foie gras

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    Foie gras It is considered a royal food, originating in France and ancient Egypt
    way of work Foie gras :
    Foie gras
    Ground black pepper
    Green parsley
    frying oil
    Apple slices
    Apple juice
    grape juice
    Grapes without seeds

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    Foie gras

    So that you know that this food is wonderful how I love it, and that is why I will describe to you the way of cooking.
    What is new here is that I have replaced other things with others. Let’s see
    We cut …. into thin slices of 2 cm thickness, for easy slicing we heat the knife and then proceed to cutting
    We sprinkle the chili salt on the slices and on both sides, then put the slices in the flour on both sides
    Put the oil on the fire until it gets hot, then put the …. in it until it gives a warm, dark color
    We take out the slices on the kitchen paper towels
    We start preparing the sauce
    Put the sugar in a cooking pot with a little water on it, heat the sugar until it gives a dark color and evaporate the water until we find a heavy texture and texture
    We put the apple juice, then stir the mixture, after that we put the grape juice and leave it to heat, then put the grapes without seeding and stir until the mixture is hot with stirring then put the butter on it and stir until the mixture becomes heavy We bring slices of apples and dip them in caramel
    We take it out and put it on a plate and then prepare …….
    Sprinkle on the …. caramel, then sprinkle parsley and serve to your lovers
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