GameStop Stock and USA Stock Exchange a really exciting story ##2021

    Gamestop stock story
    Gamestop stock story

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    Teens and Gamestop Stoke blow up the hedge fund, an exciting story, come to know about it. It was not expected that the stock reaches 1500%

    GamStop stock

    what about GameStop?

    It is a company specialized in selling electronic games located in the United States
    It has many branches in all states
    Interested in selling and exchanging toys, selling and buying old
    It is an important place for gamers, really all the games you need, you will find

    Gamestop stock story

    Gamestop stock story
    Gamestop stock story

    Before we start, we must know that there is a group called (Hedge Fund)
    This group, as we understand it, is a group of big bookmakers betting on stocks of successful large companies that have steady returns and are less risky.
    It also bet on losing companies to make a profit

    How does the hedge fund deal with losing companies

    The process here is somewhat complicated, but with a simple explanation, the hedge fund is looking for companies whose shares are likely to drop in a matter of months.
    It leases those shares from their owners on the condition that they are returned after a period
    Here, companies sell those shares again, then buy them back and return them to their owners and make a profit

    An example of this is hedge fund operations

    Suppose that the value of the stock is $ 30, and the hedge fund expects after the analysis and after consulting its experts, confirming its inevitable decline after 3 months, for example.
    The hedge fund begins leasing stocks from owners, on the condition that it returns after 3 months in exchange for its commission
    Then he puts it up for sale on the market for $ 100
    The hedge wins $ 70 plus the original price
    Then he waits for the stock to fall and then buys it at the lowest possible price
    Assume it is $ 10, and then the stock is returned to the original owners plus a commission
    So 100-10 = $ 90
    90 – commission = $ 60
    So the profit is $ 60 for the hedge fund

    The trick teens used

    When the teenagers felt what would happen to their favorite company, they gathered on Reddit
    They made a single stock purchase to save GameSpot
    Indeed, they have bought millions of stokes and kept them for a while and sought out the hedge fund
    Who will want to buy the shares again immediately
    And that is to return it to its owners before it is too late

    Hedge fund collapse begins

    And here was the biggest disaster for the hedge fund
    Stocks continue to rise contrary to what they had been expecting
    On January 24, 2021, the order went from $ 17 to $ 45, and on January 25, it reached $ 119

    Really shocking 

    On day 27 there is a drop
    On the 28th it came to 350 dollars. What is this?
    At the end of the month, it reached 470 dollars, which they crushed
    They literally crushed them
    The hedge fund has lost billions of dollars
    Still, until now, the matter is very strange
    There are young people who have made huge profits, and some of them have achieved their dreams
    A strong blow to the hedge fund

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