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    In order to be innovative in making Halloween food, you must think outside the box and we will try to help you achieve your goal, but by creating a way of thinking that will help you in this work

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    Please follow the following next

    1- The topic is about making food. If it is food to be eaten, it must also be unfamiliar

    2- When we talk about unfamiliar or unusual to see

    If we talk about shape and color


    Ideas to make food for Halloween

    First we will choose the shapes and then we will choose the raw materials to make them

    for example

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    The shape of a skull, a skeleton of chocolate, will be dark chocolate, and you can add natural colors to it as a distinction for the eyes

    Review how to make chocolate and molds

    Skull skeleton biscuit and you can sprinkle some coconut

    Review how to make biscuits and their molds

    The shape of his skull from candy

    The shape of his skull from chewy candy

    And so is the way of thinking

    Using the element, then the materials and the shape, and we come to the initial stage as well, which is making molds

    It depends on drawing, so you can draw on the computer, then print it, empty it, then dig it on a solid or plastic material until it gives you the template for applying the shape after putting the rough

    Your ability to make the mold is one of the most important steps through which you are free from any forms that impose on you a 1a you bought your template

    And through that template that you made, you can also choose all the shapes desired or that you prefer

    Do not hesitate. What shapes or molds are made of will be used all the time and dazzle your lovers on Halloween or special occasions

    You can also convert that idea into your own business and sell it through social media

    And not only skulls, but also choosing scary, simple, or happy shapes. Variety of shapes will help you

    The return from this is to motivate you to do something unfamiliar, and you can also convert that into material gain by converting it into electronic commerce.

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