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    How to live luxury , make money in 2021 Exclusively ,At the beginning of the new year we must put together a solid plan

    How to live luxury , make money in 2021 Exclusively
    How to live luxury , make money in 2021 Exclusively

    How to

    Before you start, you must define your goals
    My goals
    #make money
    # I live in luxury

    * You must also know that the key to every puzzle is that word (how)
    You will not find any coach in the world or a guide who would dispense with that word in his lectures
    You also must not completely overlook it in your life, the word (how) makes you always think about solutions
    How to start, how do I get out, how to buy, how to sell
    It is always the beginning of thinking. Every person who does not use that word seems stupid, lazy, or dependent

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    Money-making philosophy

    That is a theory that I personally believe in and that I always think about
    It divided people into:
    Producer, service, seller, consumer
    If you look at everyone around you you will find them as well, in order to succeed you must think as well
    Look a little at the careers around you
    Producers such as: farmer, manufacturer, thinker, author, engineer, inventor, innovator, developer
    Service personnel such as: employees, doctors, teachers, maintenance workers, drivers etc.
    Vendors like: dealers, salesperson, brokers etc.
    Consumers such as: All of the above, in addition to those who are unemployed and without work or dependents such as children, the elderly and the sick
    You must first put yourself within one of the options or divisions to see yourself anywhere
    Knowing that every profession has roles switching and cannot dispense with the other
    Example: A farmer grows vegetables in order for the merchant to buy them and sell them to the consumer (manufacturers, thinkers, inventors and the rest
    The manufacturer also creates the commodity for the merchant to buy and sell it to the consumer (the farmer and the rest). We find here the emergence of the role-switching process from producer to consumer
    Servants help producers to perform their job and there are servants who can be dispensed with, either temporarily or completely. Temporarily because you may need, for example, a plumber to maintain the bathroom when there is a breakdown or renewal, and the carpenter as well as the doctor and teacher at the time of education and completely because you may learn that profession, so you do not need the others
    Consumers are the largest group that grabs all the divisions

    How to live luxury

    Luxury comes when you have money, money will come if you put yourself in one of the divisions, money will not come if you are only a consumer.
    But the luxury comes with making big money
    If we look at the division, we refute the useful ones
    The producer gets a lot of money and he may be rich if he owns the product itself
    The product here may be a wage earner who takes a salary and the meaning of the word salary, any fixed income may increase in certain cases
    The seller here often does not have a fixed income even if he is a wage earner, and it may be fixed in simple cases, such as a seller in a store who works for the shopkeeper or for a specific company and they stipulate a certain salary
    But in most cases there is a share of sales
    Therefore, the best profession is the profession of seller or merchant in general. Why
    Because the product needs high skill and great craftsmanship in order to obtain a large amount of money and needs much training, learning and greater effort
    Seller or trader This profession expands every person, whether they start small or large or large investor or without money
    It needs a simple skill, which is understanding the product in what it is used for, who needs it, and where it can be sold, i.e. the experience is all knowledge, and in the beginning it is very easy to sell something without previous experience, it may be the buyer is an expert and knows what he wants

    How to be a seller or a trader

    The bottom line here is that the best profession on earth is trading, great profit and ease of learning
    So all you have to do is start
    The most important thing you should take into account is what you will trade
    In order to make it easier for you
    There are products that fall under the term need
    There are products that fall under the term special
    There are products that fall under the term well-being
    Need products are those that cannot be dispensed with
    Special products are for a specific category and may be necessary at times
    Luxury products may be unnecessary at times
    Need products are all that a person needs and cannot be dispensed with, for example (food and drink – transportation – medicine). This is a category that can never be dispensed with, and there are also products such as clothes and household furniture, some of which are necessary and some of which can be dispensed with.
    Special products and categories of stationery (students, doctors, teachers, engineers and employees) and many professions need them, as well as products for doctors only, products for engineers only, and so on.
    Luxury products are everything you can dispense with, such as a watch if you have a phone that does not need a watch or a phone with great capabilities while you can use a phone for communication only if luxury products need groups that have money and want to develop or entertainment
    After you understand the above, you should also look around and analyze
    The analysis is useful, as you will delve deeper into whether the product you will sell has intense competition or is it required and needs someone who provides it or has a competitor and if you use the word (how to distinguish) from competitors
    Here comes the role of the feasibility study
    It does not matter that you only trade in a need product, the reason for your profit may be the special products or luxury
    That this division is intended to clarify the matter and facilitate the thinking process
    The most important is the feasibility study
    How much money do you have
    How much will you buy the product?
    Where did he buy it? Does it need transportation?
    Where is it sold, to whom, and how
    How many weeks
    Are there workers who need salaries?
    administrative expenses
    Profit margin

    Finally, after I reached the end, we must assure you of something important
    And a very important point
    If you are thinking of profit daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
    The best sellers are the ones who think how much I will earn in the hour because the weekly, monthly, and annual may invite you to be lazy.
    You will say: It does not matter tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or at the beginning of the week or the beginning of the month, your goal, enthusiasm and ambition will be far from you
    start now

    How to live luxury , make money in 2021 Exclusively 

    With our best wishes to you


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