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    Jobs planning

    jobs; Many are looking for a suitable job with a suitable income. Here we will learn about job hunting and joining them

    Jobs planning

    • How to choose suitable jobs

    How to choose the right jobs
    How to choose the right jobs

    To choose a suitable job is very simple
    Do not start looking for a job before you look at your talents and experiences
    You should know there is an important rule, the best businesses and jobs are what is easy for you
    Sitting with you and a pen and paper. Write a brief about your hobbies and skills, then write what you would like to do
    Make choices and lots of items, then remove from them what is fancy or difficult to find
    According to your talent, skills, and experience
    Select the functions that fit the results
    Now you are in front of the most suitable job for you

    • How to qualify yourself for jobs

    How to qualify yourself for jobs
    How to qualify yourself for jobs

    Qualifying yourself for the job comes after you have identified all your capabilities
    Here if your choice of position is in relation to your abilities and experiences
    To be sure, there are some deficiencies and even if not, you should hone your skills
    The first thing you will be collecting the most amount of information about that job
    Focus on secrets and hidden in them
    You should know that every profession has secrets, but the practical application is contrary to what is in the theories and books
    You must find a mentor or attend courses or lectures before proceeding with the job application
    You can also watch videos about the job
    Reading books about that profession is essential
    Do not be deceived by yourself and think that the job does not need that.
    I know that there are thousands applying for the same job

    • How to create a CV suitable for the jobs

    How to create a suitable CV
    How to create a suitable CV

    When everyone hears about creating a CV, they think that there is a certain arrangement for it
    The position here is about the content, not the template or template
    A CV is a summary of yourself and your skills and talents
    If you apply for a job
    You must put in all the talents and experiences that qualify you for that job


    She went to join the position of Operations Manager for a transportation and transportation company
    Here you will put in the CV and in several clear and simple points
    As if the title is why we choose you for that job
    You will have experience in planning timings for the truck
    I worked for such a shipping company
    I am good at planning itineraries for tankers and so on, etc.

    The intention

    The intention is to first put what qualifies you for that job, then puts another item explaining the other skills that enable you to vacate another job
    The more talented you are in the job, the better you are on the right path
    The more capabilities you have to do other tasks, the closer you will be to the job


    Beware of exaggerating and illogical things. The information should be realistic and documentary

    The percentage of your practical skill to do the job should be higher than your theoretical skills, and it should be equal to no problem

    The CV is organized and concise, and the more you reach the goal, the closer your arrival is

    • How to prepare to attend the interview and win the job

    How to prepare to attend the interview and win the job
    How to prepare to attend the interview and win the job

    Being prepared for an interview for a job is very important
    The most important thing before the interview is psychological preparation.

    Folks, yourself to expect questions about your skill
    Or your experience,

    teach yourself how to present yourself in a wonderful way that attracts those around you

    In order to attract those around you,

    you must smile while you speak.

    A smile indicates confidence in yourself
    Show yourself your name and your age

    Leave it to ask you
    So you hasten and say ready for any question


    everyone will implement the previous steps in the article and prepare completely
    That is,

    everyone has all the information about the job As for you,

    you add that you have information about the company

    that is requesting the job or job
    Information about it in order to impress them,

    the people receiving you should know that you are fully aware of the company’s

    1. activities
    2. departments

    Assuming that the company did not find published information for it

    You can find out information about its competitors or its counterparts,

     you will often find the information useful to you

    Try to put a plan

    to dazzle the committee
    While you wait to take your turn,


    everyone present like you
    Don’t talk too much.

    Let them talk Watch their strengths and weaknesses

    Receive the committee and your eyes look at them

    They should feel that without you the work would not be good

    because your actual skills are greater than they need

    Do not

    justify your presence for the vacancy with words of compliment or complement to heaven, not on the contrary,


    to them, The reason you are there is that you are the right man in the right place

    • How to smartly plan to improve income with jobs

    • How to plan intelligently to improve income through jobs
      How to plan intelligently to improve income through jobs

      It is very easy
      First, you have to know how much income you will get after receiving the job
      Is the job part-time or full-time?
      Part-time gives you the opportunity to work another job
      Full time does not allow another job
      So you have to calculate the time How much time you have left during the day
      Then you calculate the daily income
      Plan as if you do not have a job, but this time you will set restrictive conditions
      The first was all time available
      Now your time is restricted to another job
      After going back to the previous steps in the article
      Start searching for a job or a job that takes only the amount of time left before bed
      Do not delete
      Hours of sleep, food, ever relieve
      Keep in mind that anything can be learned
      If you find a job, it adapts to the remaining time, even if you don’t know about it
      Gather information about him
      Learn through the internet
      Do not leave time without making money

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