im Kardashian ** How do you become as famous as Kim Kardashian?


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    1- Start by making everything about others, not yourself
    If you are going to reach celebrity status, your first step is to become a truly reliable resource for others. This means you are doing the following:

    A- Inspiring, entertaining and educating others without thinking of making sales or promoting yourself or your business
    B- Be a real person behind that company, not an anonymous entity
    C- be accessible and transparent; Have a social media presence that includes conversations; Responding to emails; Be present wherever important conversations happen, especially in groups related to your field
    D- Do not be “better” than others. Rather, being helpful, friendly, and down to earth
    E- Interact with others daily, especially influencers. Hanging out with influencers makes you so.
    If you succeed, don’t be the first to show off, but try to share the lessons you’ve learned and inspire others to follow your path. And if you don’t succeed on the first try, don’t be reticent about your own failure either. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes and talking about it, instead of trying to appear like a superhuman.
    Compare this to the traditional concept of an assumed industry leader – someone who occasionally interviews; A person with “guards”; Who knows they are “better” than others; The person who was inaccessible. It won’t help you, because you don’t have any fame yet

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    2- get your face and personality “outside”
    Brands are no longer propagated by products and services. It is posted by the personalities on social sites and news media.

    It’s as if we go back to the old days when store owners had personal relationships with all of their customers. Of course, these relationships can no longer be face-to-face, but they can be strong relationships nonetheless. Today’s digital consumers for anything require relationships.
    If you’ve written a book, for example, you need to show your identity to online communities, your sense of humor, your sense of compassion, your amazing experiences, whatever it is that turns you on a little “gigantic” stature. Offer excerpts from this book for free to every possible digital community. Make signatures on books in every possible location and contact local media to have them covered. Offer an additional benefit when purchasing a book. Get involved by pushing your face and personality, not just your book.
    Your character has entered into everything you do online and on Earth. If you are in a business, organize events and create and paste videos everywhere. Highlight your customers in your blog posts, on your social media platforms. Do your best to spread your brand by spreading the people factor, not by pushing for the product or service. Create something that people look forward to every week – things that will attract you and make their community attract you too


    3- Provide content that is consistent, generic, interesting and free
    Jack Daniels is a famous brand. It has been a well-known brand for years. It did this by constantly keeping itself in front of the audience. Now, in years past, I relied on TV ads – the expensive ones. The announcement that those of us who only wish to become famous in our specialty just can’t stand it.

    We have to find cheap ways to become famous, and even Jack Daniels is taking the cheap right now. Not everything went viral on TV – it’s a thing of the past. What is Jack Daniels doing now? She has a great website and an amazing social media presence. Sponsors contests for people to submit new drink recipes. Customers are asked to send in weird bar stories, which you post – consumers love them and continue to love Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels will be famous for years to come because he understands how fame is now built. When you use the same strategies that Jack Daniels uses, you can build your fame, too.

    Get the “audience” involved in everything you do. Other than the cost of maintaining your own websites and social media platforms by employees or contractors, the cost of providing amazing, interesting, fun and inspiring content is cheap. Nobody wants to read what a textbook looks like. And nobody just wants to hear about the products. They want some fun, some education, and they want it in attractive ways.

    Even if your niche appears to be “boring,” there is still a way to successfully interact with your audience and use your position as a reference. Simply, by providing free detailed information on every aspect related to your business. For example, Moverscorp publishes tons of amazing guides, covering pretty much any aspect of the transition – from choosing a company to packing to moving money and things to do after the move.

    . Develop relationships with influencers
    There are people who are famous in related fields. Influencers are already popular in their fields. One of the “rules” for success is hanging out with successful people.

    The same goes for the digital world. You can “follow” the influencers, participate in their discussions, and make yourself known as an expert in your field. Cultivate these relationships before proposing any mutual promotion, but ultimately you can get there. Being respected and admired by an influencer, even if it’s not directly related to your marketplace, is a big deal. And influencers can introduce you to other influencers, too. This can ultimately get you involved in speaking, interviews, and / or promoting your book, etc., depending on the type of popularity you are looking for.

    You can build your reputation if you are committed to serving the best audience content ever.

     There are no walls on the Internet and few rules. You’re building a fanbase and that fanbase reaches its communities, as long as your content is awesome. People share what is free and what is provided to the public. So give free and generic!

    . 4- Sponsoring an important charity
    One of the best ways to boost your fame is to sponsor a known and compassionate charitable cause. You can do wonderful good while also increasing your fame.

    Why do people love TOMS shoes, and why are TOMS shoes so popular? Because owner Blake Mycoskie, the “major shoe donor”, donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes he sells. It has now branched out into efforts to restore sight and dig water in third world countries. He’s a champ, especially among millennials, the largest buy-in demographic, despite everything he does. He has great fame in his field.

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    Jessica Erickson, owner of Headbands for Hope, has gained national fame for her philanthropic work in childhood cancer research and her donation of headbands for young girls with cancer. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives and also gain fame, this is a great path. Local, regional, and government media love these types of stories, and access to them is widespread. Both Mycoskie and Erickson have appeared on national TV shows several times.

    . Work on your fame every day
    This means many things. It could be joining new groups. It can mean contacting local media with a press release. It can mean creating amazing content or videos. It could mean reaching new communities on social media. But you must be committed to constantly doing something every day to boost your fame. If you did this for an entire year, you’d be very amazed at how popular your ideal audience would be.

    7. Develop your teacher status
    In the beginning, you will drop a lot of things and maybe create free online “how-to” guides. Maybe you’ll create slideshows and videos that provide expert advice. As the demand for your items grows, create new ‘things’ and start charging them. why? Because celebrities are expected to be charged for “things,” and because you have the right to earn money for your hard work.

    Content Marketing Expert Neil Patel has the perfect mix. He is a co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Hello Bar. These are for-profit companies with popular clients like Amazon, GM, NBC, etc. He also has a blog called Quick Sprout. Here it offers free educational articles for content marketers and business owners. But always on that blog, he is promoting his fee-based services, one of which is to make the business an “expert” and famous in his particular area of expertise.

    Becoming popular within a year is simple, but not necessarily easy.

     It requires concerted effort and commitment that must be made every day of that year. It means spending two hours working on this book; Or it means an hour of calling the local press to promote a charity event; Or it means writing the best content ever; Or it means reaching out to influencers and “rubbing elbows”. It can be tiring and can mean that your work day is getting longer.

    Before you take on this “fame” goal, you have to ask yourself: Why do you want to be famous and what will that mean for you? If you can answer these questions positively, then you are ready for the journey.


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