Love at first sight “true or mirage”


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Here we will talk about defining love at first sight

Love “true or mirage” The main thing you have to remember here is to be nice to everyone and always smile.

Love at first sight, and we often find ourselves falling in love without prior knowledge of the person we loved.

and we do not know why this happened or how?
This question remained confusing among many, and many did not find the answer to it

Love in itself is a nice thing, but the essence of the article is not to justify love.

Rather, the consequences of that rapid love from the harms of many may discover after a while that whoever fell in love with a person does not deserve sincere love.
And we discover that he is either deceitful or ill-mannered, or we have drawn a false and unrealistic picture

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Love is something that possesses us


The topic, in short, is not called love, but rather a kind of psychological relief.

And this feeling of psychological relief came based on facial features or general shape

Let’s understand the topic

It may be on your minds now.

This is not what we mean by falling in love, not every beautiful person we fall in love with may only be admiration.

True, but let me really clear it up.

I mean falling in love at first sight

There are things that remain in the memory since childhood of people we loved due to the amount of affection that we met in them,

Based on these persons, features are drawn for them in the main memory

For your information, you may forget the shapes of those you loved during your childhood and youth, but never forget their features

You may meet someone with similar features to the person you loved as a child

A feeling of relief occurs automatically and involuntarily

These features may be like the shape of the eyes or eyebrows with some simple outward features

So you catch something strange, you find yourself leaning towards this person quickly without awareness and you do not know why

Then as soon as the story and relationship begins, you discover a beast that appeared to you and begin to reproach, and if you were yourself and ask how you loved it, were you blind?

Yes, it is indeed a problem, but its solution is simple

The first thing is not to base this information on, that you reject anyone approaching you because you will think with your mind

I do not give others a chance first they prove to you that they are what I thought

Do not fall in love, but also do not fall in aversion for no reason

The person may actually have his features close in shape to someone you loved in the past, and then you discover that he is really like or better than the one you loved

It may be worse, depending on the person and his character

The most important thing is to put others in the test area

How will we test them?

It will not be a test in the form of a question and an answer, but the test here will come with an observation.

That is, you give to those in front of you a chance to meet once and again and many times at all times

Any other times, then approach him and see his habits and character

You have to know everything about him first, and then say to your feelings, yes, indeed, I love him

I hope that this topic will not disappoint you, and I hope everyone will find someone who deserves their love

My best wishes to you, a wonderful love with Habib is the most wonderful ever

written by :

Mohsen Sidqi



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