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    Mike Tyson | Roy Jones : 

    He comes back again, that he does not know despair, that he continues despite the difficulties 

    Mike Tyson | Roy Jones It is amazing to see the two on the screens again, they are both big stars, but the advantage of this meeting is that after they quit the game, how wonderful it is to see Mike Tyson, that legendary hero of a bygone era, as he challenges again.
    Wonderfulness comes to that genius who planned a meeting like this, very dangerous Tyson against Roy Jones deserves to watch, each of them has his own audience, the match was planned to end with the knockout.

    Mike Tyson | Roy Jones

    Let’s get to know these heroes together,

    Who is Mike Tyson?

    Born on June 30, 1966, he is known as the planet, a professional boxer from 1985 until 2005, one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. He was the youngest player to win the world championship and win the title while he was under the age of 21, he won 19 matches by knockout, 12 of them in the first round
    He was known to be dangerous because he was convicted of rape in 1992 and was imprisoned for six years and released on parole after only 3 years.
    His most famous match was when he bit Kevin McBride and pulled out part of his ear. How sad and disgraceful an act it was, and how many comic shows took advantage of that clip and won many laughs
    Tyson also declared bankruptcy in 2003, despite receiving more than $ 30 million for many of his fights and $ 300 million during his career. At the time, media reported that he had debts of nearly $ 23 million

    Analysis of the causes leading to his aggression

    The reasons may be due to his growing up when he was young, as he went through sad situations. His father was a Biolgian from Jamaica whose name was written on the birth certificate and his father, whom Mike knew called Kirkpatrick, described him as Mike Tyson that his father was an ordinary street man, his father left him around the time of his birth and his mother rose By raising him until she died at the age of 16, boxing coach Cos D’Amato took custody of him. He lived his childhood in neighborhoods with a high crime rate, and his death had a great influence on him, as he mentioned it a lot and that he wanted to see what he had achieved.
    Homeless childhood without a father and the death of the mother at an early age and friends bully that he was bitten and lived among the streets with a high rate of crime. All this will make a fine writer, for example. The strange thing is that he became a hero who turned that black life into overwhelming stardom. If he had a father and mother with those championships, he would have been the best boxer in history, and we have not seen any previous criminal records from him.
    He comes back again, that he does not know despair, that he continues despite the difficulties

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    Roy Jones

    Roy Livista Jones Jr. (born January 16, 1969) is an American boxing veteran, field broadcaster, manly self-defense trainer, teacher, rapper, and actor with dual US and Russian nationalities. He competed in alien fighting games from 1989 to 2018, and considered the championships uniting Terra in a live match, excluding the middleweight, middleweight, heavyweight, and heavyweight titles, and is the unmatched coach in the statement for King’s professional career In average weight. To win a cold heavy weight. As a player, he embodied the number of associate nations at the 1988 Summer Olympics, in a swap deal in the middleweight criticism point of view, two high-profile and controversial decisions passed in The Prizefighting Justification. Well thought out by being a prop for bone-tired boxers in nearly an era, Jones is thought to be smart for Hanker, hitting the crown hard in sporting history, he closely won the WBA heavyweight title in 2003, and meets a feline middleweight advisor To win the heavyweight title in 106 years. In 1999 he became an unquestionable heavyweight champion by amassing WBA, WBC and IBF titles. Getting close to his banter, Jones was airy to control creative hand speed, sports, movement, and reflexes. As of February 2018, Jones holds the words denoting the most total number of wins in full heavyweight title bouts in boxing history, at twelve. The Clamor Monthly was named the Jones Minder of the Assort in 1994, and the boxing castle of fame named it the 2003 Hodlum of the Year. It bans a defender for three times from the Fustigate Roughneck (1996, 2000, and 2003). The American Boxing Writers Association called it the gorilla of the decade of the 1990s.


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