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    Money hunters are happiness seekers

    You should turn into a money hunter

    How to Become a Millionaire

    In order to start, we will give you advice (make your eyes economical), meaning while you are wandering in the street or anywhere you go, you look with your eyes and analyze everything around you and pay close attention to the opportunity to make money
    At first you will find it difficult to understand this, but over time you will reach your goal
    Let us consider that anything around us is a commodity to be bought and sold, in the event that you are analyzing how much you buy and how much it is sold and from where.
    Here begins your money-hunting journey
    Yes, money hunters are the seekers of happiness, and we explained in a previous article how to achieve happiness

    And we focused on the fact that happiness is for her and a means, including money, and that money is not happiness, but rather happiness in achieving it and success in obtaining it

    And here let’s tell the truth, money is the most happiness thing
    With money, you go on a trip and buy a house and a car. Things that may help you to be happy

    Money is an essential element, and also let us repeat that money is not happiness, but success in achieving it is happiness
    Also, the large number of money does not indicate that you are the happiest, but just being able to harvest money is close to achieving happiness.

    From now on, start your journey, after you were just a person passing between the roads looking for places to buy and looking to be happy with everything new or read in the crowd

    Make the same path a gateway to happiness and money
    In a simple way, if you look, you will find a seller who sells goods. If you look at the concept of the customer, you will stand to know whether it suits you to buy only. But if you think about the theory of the money catcher, it will stop and attract you curiosity to know what the commodity is made of, what it is useful for, how much it is worth, what is the interest of people in buying it and getting it Easy and is selling it easy for you

    Many things the money hunter thinks about. You may find this commodity not suitable for you. Go and go on your way to find your opportunity
    But it must be noted that among the principles of money hunters, it is not important that the commodity is suitable for me, important for me, or has an interest for me or I love

    Money hunters happiness seekers
    Money hunters happiness seekers

    These are things that a money hunter is not characteristic of. He looks and analyzes whether it is an easy-to-find commodity and is there an opportunity for him to compete in selling it or not.

    It is not a condition to be a money hunter that you be a man who studied economics or marketing. There are obvious things. Who among us does not know how to buy and sell something
    But there are professional things that will help you to be a professional money hunter

    Its basis is the work of the plan or the feasibility study of the project
    And the most important professional points are

    First, what kind of my goods are?

    Secondly, where is the market in order to sell my business?

    Third, who are my customers

    Fourth, how much do I buy my goods

    Fifth, how much money I have to buy

    Sixth, do you need transportation, shipping, or storage expenses? Do you need administrative expenses?

    Seventh, do I need his workers to help me
    Eighth, how much are they paid

    Ninth, how much do I pay taxes

    Tenth, how much I will sell it

    Finally, how much I earn
    We will notice that identifying the commodity is the first thing, and here comes the role of the economic researcher who analyzes matters

    Don’t let yourself get lost in the streets without picking up the string
    Then we find that the market came in second place, why?

    Quite simply, before I buy, I will be a seller, that is, before I buy a commodity that I have already sold it, or theoretically I have marketed it or made sure that it will be sold, and this is why one of the most important things is knowing where to buy my product and where my commodity is sold
    You will find who says you mean location. Yes, indeed

    Money hunters happiness seekers
    Money hunters happiness seekers

    Dear, you must change your personality, be a salesman
    In order to be a seller, you must be a skilled buyer, know well how to select your commodity at the cheapest prices, and a skilled seller that sells at the highest prices to make a profit.

    And do not forget that one of the characteristics of a money hunter is his tactile  (Money hunters happiness seekers)  tongue emerging from the mouth of the most expensive words, whether in buying, complimenting or selling.

    If you switch from being a client to a money hunter, you will find pleasure and happiness
    If you feel that you will not be able, know that you are lazy, it is easy to choose what you want and what is easiest for you

    We do not say selling a spacecraft or lethal weapon. We say note, record(Money hunters happiness seekers), ask and sell
    You may find a house written on it for sale, and you remember that there is a friend looking for a house, so stand up and ask for all the information as if you were the one who would buy and collect all the details, then initiate contact with your friend who needs the house and offer him with specifications and good words.

    We may make a deal and get your commission
    And not only selling houses, but anything that you find around you while you pass by, you may find a car, a bag, or a shoe, or anything and remember that there are those who asked for it.

    Enter immediately and make an offer that you will facilitate the sale of how much you will get as a result.

    Important advice Money hunter does not go to the fruit market to buy fruit to sell in the same market
    And also what offer will be provided, either to the seller or the buyer
    Here I am not telling you to be a broker, but rather to be an investor, that is, as if you would buy yourself and then sell to others
    Here your outlook will differ and you will reach the best offers
    It is also important to know that you may actually buy the commodity and be in your possession and then sell it
    An important condition. If you find a commodity and find that it has an opportunity to gain, do not miss your opportunity and buy until you retain the opportunity to sell and gain.

    This is what a money hunter thinks. Do not be wasteful, buy without account and controls, even if you save money
    Selling speed is one of the best ways to earn money by providing a place for storage, ensuring that the opportunity to sell is not missed, and ensuring the buying season is a lot of things
    Among the qualities of a money hunter is not to expect that he will have enough money to start his trade
    You can learn and collect data and information while you save money for business
    Among his qualities is that a money hunter does not wait for money, but rather looks for an opportunity, starting with the least until he reaches the old
    Come on, be a money hunter and a seeker of happiness
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    With our regards and sincerity


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