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    The new pandemic has baffled the world and scientists, and every day we hear about a vaccine and treatment Where is the truth and where is the effective vaccine The covid vaccine

    What is the truth

    Let’s go back through history and look at the old epidemics and viruses
    Cholera, plague, smallpox, and many epidemics, up to Covid 19
    We will not speak here in the form of a science class, nor will we be exposed to any and B. Rather, we will present a theory of what we might reach the truth or an effective treatment
    If you look well, we will discover that any epidemic or virus was the cause of its spread or the real reason for its existence, humans
    The example of cholera is spread due to mosquitoes that suck blood and carry disease and transmit it from the infected person to another person
    Do not say that mosquitoes are not man-made. Yes, it is true, but mosquitoes live in ponds, swamps, puddles and swamps.
    When he confined the water and stopped its flow, and lived next to it
    The plague spread because of mice, and also rats increased during the movement of goods while they were trolling with them.
    Thus, if we discuss any epidemic, the person will be a basic partner, not only because he is the transmitter of the infection, but by his action and prejudice to nature that caused the infection
    And when man learned that mosquitoes were a cause of cholera, he fought off mosquitoes, puddles, and swamps, and then began making a vaccine.
    And so happened in the plague

    pandemic,treatment,Vaccine,vaccine covid,effective

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    pandemic,treatment,Vaccine,vaccine covid,effective

    What is the solution in the new epidemic,pandemic,treatment,Vaccine,vaccine covid,effective?

    Here we must ask scientists and governments what caused the emergence of the Corona virus, and they must give us real answers. They are not afraid of the people of economics. They must show the facts
    Is the virus spread due to another intrusion of humans onto nature, and what kind of this intrusion?
    Here is the point, if the source of the epidemic is known, it is easy for us to eliminate it
    But the acceleration of companies and scientists to create vaccines is not the only medicine, but where are they who determined the reason for the appearance for us
    Do not tell me to eat a bat or snake in China if it is so then we say that they have eaten it from a long time ago
    Even SARS, the deadly epidemic, did not tell the truth about why it appeared

    pandemic,treatment,Vaccine,vaccine covid,effective

    Even swine flu and bird flu. Suddenly it spread and suddenly it got confined, but they did not tell us the reasons for the appearance
    Do not say it is caused by the infection of a pig or a bird with the flu, dear. There is a human intervention that is the reason. Look for what you will know
    We are not facing the charges, but we are taking questions from scientists and governments, and they have to answer
    So that we share with them the understanding and treatment of the issue
    Ask the people of knowledge in the same way, and the people of government press them to show the answer

    pandemic,treatment,Vaccine,vaccine covid,effective

    Yes, gentlemen, the treatment is to know the reasons for the appearance, and as soon as the honorable scholars and governments answer us, the disease will end. We do not want to be a target for companies selling treatments. Do not leave this question and publish it to the whole world until the answer appears.


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