Nokia Stock | From bitter failure to shatter the success 2021/000

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    Nokia Stock | From the bitter failure to shatter the success of 2021, we review the history of Nokia and expectations for the tremendous rise of the stock market

    Nokia Stock
    Nokia Stock

    Nokia Stock /A brief history of Nokia

    Who among us did not refrain from disturbing the sales of Nokia mobile phones before 2010.

    We almost didn’t know the meaning of a mobile except through Nokia, and we didn’t know the phone with the camera except through Nokia
    It used to acquire 50% of the total market

    The beginnings of Nokia/Nokia Stock

    In 1865, the engineer Frederick Easton established a paper mill in Finland, then established another factory in the village of Nokia in the city of Tampere.

    And in 1967, he entered the field of (televisions – car tires – telephone cables and communications equipment)

    Enter the world of communication /Nokia Stock

    In 1979 the first wireless communication device for cars was issued, and the reason for using it in cars was only because its weight was up to 10 kg, in partnership with the Finnish company Salora

    1984 The first Mobira Talkman device was manufactured, and it weighed 5 kg

    Wider fame in the world/Nokia Stock

    In 1987 the first portable wireless device, the Mobira Cityman, will be manufactured
    Its price was $ 5,456 at the time. This device caused widespread fame to the company due to a procedure
    Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev made his first telephone call, called the Gorba phone

    A significant decline in the market in 1988/Nokia Stock

    In that year, the CEO of Nokia committed suicide due to the great effort and pressure on him
    The cause of the market collapse was the recession that afflicted Finland and some European countries at that time
    In the late eighties and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nokia was divided into six companies, all companies were sold, and the telecommunications and mobile devices company was kept.

    The beginning of the launch and the achievement of the global brand of Nokia for mobile phones/Nokia Stock

    1991 Nokia managed to make its first call using GSM networks
    In 1992, the first Nokia mobile, No. 1011, came out, and the small handset began, until 2010


    Causes of the collapse and exit from the market

    In 2008, the Android operating system and the Apple operating system began to appear.

    And Microsoft was competing with the two systems, although Nokia had its own system
    And because of the bureaucracy and arrogance of the managers and according to what was mentioned in the research presented by several employees

    Inside the Nokia, company to find out the causes of the collapse
    They reported that obstinacy and arrogance was some of the most important reasons for not using the Android system

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    But Nokia began changing its policy and agreed with Microsoft to use its own system
    (Windows Phone) that 2011

    And the failure of that system failed, which forced Nokia to sell the company to Microsoft and finally exited the market for mobile phones.

    Nokia’s return to the stock market (Nokia stocks)

    The area in which I put that brand and brand back again is that it works in the field of infrastructure for the fifth generation
    Nokia announced that it can get 3 euros for anyone using the 5G network
    Here comes the launch again for Nokia

    Conclusion/Nokia Stock

    Nokia is a giant with a lot of gadgets, but when it had the top
    Because of obstinacy, bureaucracy, and sterility in taking the appropriate decision
    One of the most important reasons for dissociation, we learn from this that good management is always listening to your subordinates
    Leave the room for innovation, do not let them be discouraged


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