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    Pandemic, in the presence of a pandemic of the Coronavirus, it has become difficult to plan the traditional celebration.
    Before that pandemic, the best thing was the holidays, a nice time spent with family, relatives and friends
    Given the pandemic, it is difficult for this to happen except with controls
    Can we celebrate the holidays during the pandemic?
    Yes, of course, we can spend the holidays and share with others too! We will give ideas to help in that
    Indeed, you must be careful and adhere to washing hands, personal hygiene and wearing masks. We will not be able to pass the instructions. Although it is confusing, there are ways to achieve happiness
    We will proceed with the prevailing custom, which is that holidays are always associated with delicious foods (turkey – meat – food). So how and we are doing social distancing
    If you are planning a party, you must remember that open places are better than closed and gathering without eating is better also

    What is new then
    instead of celebrating with your family only, we will also cook turkey and we will not replace it with rabbit or duck …. We will not cook turkey, but we will share with our dear relatives who have become difficult to gather with us every year
    You can send them parts of the turkey after cutting it cooked and run a video communication channel so that you agree with your relatives (parents) or brothers or friends that everyone waits at a certain time with the opening of the video communication channel and after everyone sits at the table and puts food And drink. At a certain moment in front of the heater, it starts sending the signal to start eating, with congratulations exchanged
    Here, you need to send the food in a timely manner, while maintaining the food temperature
    This is in the event that the relatives are in the same town


    As for if they are in another country here, you must send them to meet everyone for some kind of food and cook in everyone’s house separately, and then with the camera open, start eating
    After that, before the celebration begins, you will send a mail to all your friends and agree with them that it is completely, and let it be twelve o’clock everyone publishes a picture in a specific situation according to the celebration
    For example, a picture with a sleeve painted with the word Happy Feasts, but in a variable and varied form. Or share your pictures while eating with a funny snapshot or smile, or make a funny situation
    The most important thing is to publish in one time and hold a contest on the best shot and leave creativity to all. The most important thing is to stipulate that the image accompanies the celebration, and also among the ideas is to take a picture of the food you make, and it is nice to be in the form of the names of those who want to share the picture
    To create an emulator, connect the camcorder to the television so that the image is larger in the video
    And you can create a video that you post about those moments and mention your friends and relatives in it
    There is also to make a song as a surprise to relatives and friends as something unexpected
    The idea is also to gather your relatives and friends in the yard of your home, to wear clothes with books on them, do not touch me, I am electricity, and put separate tables like those in restaurants, and you can hang up the feast and drink drinks with them with quiet music, and here you can do entertainment by sending short messages to everyone with pumped words Messages are exchanged as if it is a secret between you and whomever you send, and you make pictures with everyone while you are far apart, as if you are in a position that is in conflict with your face to the camera and you publish it to your friends who did not attend the party
    Do not forget to make the gifts also funny and strange and open you and your friends at the same time on the live video and inevitably you will be in agreement with others to make a funny surprise
    All this will not prevent you from enjoying the time of celebration and conquering the misfortune
    And there is a beautiful thing is to prepare a short story that you have read, for example, from a book that you recite in a new way and in a new way to practice it
    All of that will help
    I hope that your understanding will expand in order to exploit the pandemic in creating something that brings happiness to everyone
    Do not forget to share the article with your friends until the concept reaches everyone
    With our wishes for continued health and wellness for all


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