pets or my articles


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    Pets are the best or my articles

    Hello readers of my articles ..

    It is strange that this happens!

    Every day, I enter my articles after publishing them and find them a barren desert with no comments, why?

    Although I find people analyzing to visit my site, I find numbers that are good, and this indicates something

    As for the articles, they are figures, drawings, and symbols from aliens, or they are a display interface for an expensive store that passes in front of which people see what is in it and feel their pockets, so they do not find its price and continue their journeys lol

    Or I think that someone who follows me is a group of children in a nursery, and the babysitter opens the computer and opens the pages of my site and says to them (Look how beautiful it is, it is writing a child friend you know here)

    Why do you go in and don’t comment that it’s making me crazy?

    Are the followers of my site without fingers, they cannot write on the keyboard?

    Don’t make it a desert

    Sometimes I feel as if the pets in your home are standing in the way between me and you

    Sure, she is the one sitting at the keyboard, or she is the one who watches me and opens my pages with a flick of her feet and views the articles.

    Do not make me a laughing stock for your animal, does that cat or pup get more attention than me … There is no need for me to meow until I like you

    Is it that or what am I waiting for a response from you, or else I will send waves that expel your pet from the house so that my articles stay with you


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