Poor lambs, not wolves


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    Poor lambs, not wolves

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    Poor lambs, not wolves
    Kindness is not in its correct place if you turn to the wolf
    Let us understand
    The poor are two types, a type of lambs and a type of wolves
    The poor lambs are the ones who groan and suffer from the severity of their poverty, but they do not speak about them with great patience when they see the joys of life far away from them and approaching them the darkness of the night waiting for the morning while they are shivering, and as soon as the sun rises, they walk in lines and want to hide, they walk by the walls, feel the roads, afraid to smile So that their joy is not taken away, they are quickly deceived when the rich are petted by them, they think that it is a haven for them, and they tend all the way until they wake up from their heedlessness to the echo of the laughter of the wealthy. And they please themselves with words of hope
    As for the poor wolves, they are those who do not admit that they are poor, so they sell everything they possess, even honor and dignity, and live like slaves to the wealthy, and they carry out what they are ordered even if they are asked to drink the blood of lambs, they are hard-hearted, like lambs, but they have fangs and hardened hearts
    So beware of the wolves and seek an excuse for the lambs to look like you
    Congratulations for those who fear fear of the heart of the lambs

    written by           

    Mohsen Sidky Qasim       
      Words I wrote as if it  were a vision spinning my imagination        


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