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    Rigatoni are big tubes of pasta that are ridged on the outside, and smooth inside.

    Rigatoni is made from wheat semolina and is an Italian pasta.

    We will explain how to prepare regatoni with a really new adjective as follows:
    1- Rigatoni with wonderful tomato sauce on the Egyptian way
    2 – Rigatoni with mozzarella
    3- Rigatoni with light bechamel sauce

    tomato sauce

    1- Rigatoni with wonderful tomato sauce on the Egyptian way

    It should be known that the method of settling the reggatoni will be fundamental to the three recipes
    The first thing is to put the Rigatoni pasta in salt water and then let it level well, after that we put the Rigatoni in a colander until we get rid of the water, taking care of the hot water, the strainer should be at a close distance
    Second, prepare tomato sauce in the Egyptian way
    Put chopped tomatoes in a blender in addition to a little tomato paste paste + garlic grains + chopped onions + green pepper + spices.
    We grind well and notice the excellent aroma of the mixture
    Put an amount of corn oil on the fire and have minced garlic cloves, then stir the garlic in hot oil until it becomes soft and gives a golden color, then put vinegar on it.
    After that, put the mixture of tomato juice on the oil and then leave it until it becomes clear with stirring until we reach a good consistency, then put a few ground cloves. You will be amazed at the excellent smell.
    At the end, after preparing the sauce, prepare the Rigatoni and put it on a plate and then put the sauce on top.
    Then sprinkle green parsley on the surface and do not forget to feed me with you

    ريجاتونى بالموتزريلا

    2 – Rigatoni with mozzarella

    After the pasta is settled in the previous way.
    We prepare tomato sauce with minced garlic with chopped onions and put it in a bowl of butter and then put it on the fire until it is cooked and put a little salt and then a very small amount of ground caramel
    We prepare cooked minced meat, put it on the sauce, then mix it
    After that, we fill the Rigatoni with the minced meat sauce, then put it in a mold, then put mozzarella or cheddar cheese on it, then put it in the oven.
    Don’t forget me and send me a piece of that delicious meal

    باشميل خفيف

    3- Rigatoni with light bechamel sauce

    After settling the regatoni in salt water and filtering it
    We prepare the basil sauce light
    Put two tablespoons of flour on butter over the fire, then turn it until it takes a light yellow color, then add half a liter of milk + half a liter of milk cream + white pepper + salt
    Stir the mixture until it is cooked and give me the bechamel sauce
    We prepare minced meat with onions and cook it with butter over a fire until soft
    We stuff the minced meat inside the Rigatoni, then put it in a mold, then pour the Bashamel sauce over it, then put it in the oven for 15 minutes until it takes a light red color and then take it out of the oven
    And eat and also leave me a special dish wow wonderful



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