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    Skin care:

    Steps to a bedtime skin care routine for eternal youth


    The skin health management routine before bed is maybe the best and significant opportunity to deal with your skin, to keep up its newness and imperativeness, particularly since the skin at sleep time attempts to recharge cells, and along these lines you need to deal with your face before bed, to get a solid skin, and enduring youth, notwithstanding disposing of any Harmful impacts of make-up or dust on your skin because of climate factors during your day.

    cleaning the face

    Clean the face and skin
    Clean the face and skin


    Before you put any item or anything all over, you should clean it first, regardless of whether from make-up utilizing cosmetics remover, at that point wash it, or on the off chance that you stay at home, you should wash your face with your own moisturizer too, in light of the fact that unavoidably the skin has been presented to a ton of soil and residue Throughout your day.

    It is desirable over go through a make remover for the under-eye territory, which is more reasonable for that fragile region, as opposed to the cosmetics remover for the remainder of the face.

    You can switch between more than one day by day salve, for a profound purging, on certain days utilize an invigorating characteristic frothing cream, and on different days, depend on moisturizer that contains granules for delicate peeling of the face, eliminating dead skin cells, and the clean can be utilized just double seven days, or once If you have dry skin.

    Toner application

    Skin care
    Skin care


    After washing the face, apply your own toner, or you can replace it with rose water, for a wonderful recovery of the skin after cleaning it, and it is preferable to adopt the types that contain collagen, to activate the cells.



    Don’t forget to apply serum

    Serum is one of the important steps that some girls take, despite its importance, as it helps the skin to regenerate cells during sleep, and we recommend that you adopt serums that contain anti-aging, to maintain permanent youth.


    Apply natural oils


    Applying the oil overnight will enable the skin to combat the overproduction of oily oils and clogged pores that lead to pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores of combination and oily skin, while dry and sensitive skin benefits greatly from the extra moisture.


    With this step, a face massage can be done with semicircular movements, only to prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkle lines, and we will not exclude the neck from that movement.


    Night cream


    The last step in your nighttime routine should always be a sticky moisturizer that adds a soft touch that stays with you into the morning, so starting your morning routine with an oil-based cleanser is essential to start your day with clean skin properly.


    And do not forget the night cream for the area around the eyes, by including it in your daily routine, to avoid the appearance of dark circles, or reduce their appearance, with a massage with semicircular movements from the inside out with the tips of your fingers.


    Dry skin in the winter .. Get rid of it with these solutions


    Dry skin in winter, we all suffer from it specifically, as low temperatures are among the factors that affect dry skin, and this is exacerbated by the lack of water and fluid intake in general.


    And the problem of dry skin causes an unhealthy appearance, whether for the face, or for cracked hands and feet, in addition to the constant feeling of itching or inflammation and redness of the body.

    Skin care
    skin care

    There are some solutions and steps that may help solve the problem of dry face, body and feet, we recommend that you follow what suits you, to get rid of this problem.


    Solutions to the problem of dry face


    Pay attention to skin care products


    Make sure to choose the skin products well

    It should be noted that there are many skin care products that do not suit all seasons, and you may need more effective moisturizing in the winter season than the one you use for the summer.


    This is why you should reconsider your cosmetics, as you may need moisturizers that are more suitable for the winter season, which contain high levels of oils, and other moisturizers.


    Facial Wash


    It is never recommended to wash the face with hot water, and it is better to use lukewarm water, because the high water temperature leads to skin inflammation, redness of the skin, and increases the problem of dryness.


    Choose gentle, fragrance-free cleansers



    The wrong soap can exacerbate itchy, dry skin. For example, regular bars of soap may contain harmful ingredients and fragrances for the skin. Instead, rely on a fragrance-free cleanser or gel. You can also prevent winter skin problems by using less than Soap in general.


    Apply sunscreen even on winter days


    Don’t forget to apply sunblock

    In winter days, snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s rays, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, which increases the risk of exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, and this means dryness and great damage to the skin, you need a protective cream, unlike what some do by not applying a protective cream From the sun in the winter.


    Use natural moisturizing masks


    Natural masks best in winter

    We recommend that you adopt natural masks that contain large amounts of moisturizing substances, such as cucumber and yogurt, and light oils such as almond oil, and adopt them as a weekly mask, to cleanse and moisturize the face.


    Solutions to the problem of dry hands and feet


    Lotion and cream are your constant companions

    Hand cream is essential

    Make lotion and cream your constant companion in the winter season, meaning that it always stays in your handbag wherever you go, to get lasting hydration, and not to allow the skin to crack.


    Put on gloves and socks


    put on socks

    In freezing cold days, it is preferable to wear gloves to protect the hand skin from problems of dehydration, to maintain the temperature in the body, and the same thing with wearing socks, and for a better result, the cream or lotion can be applied before wearing gloves and socks.


    Masks Weekly

    Make sure to apply the mask

    Adopt weekly masks by choosing natural nutrients such as olive oil, lemon, and milk, to obtain effective and lasting moisturisation for the skin of the hands and feet.


    Solutions to the problems of dry skin on the body


    Bathing routine


    Every time you go to the shower, it is preferable to use cleansing products that contain strong moisturizers, with the use of a soft loofah on the body, so as not to cause any kind of infections.


    Moisturizing after showering plays a major role in preserving the skin’s complexion, for this you can use lotion or natural oils, and try as much as possible to use natural products without alcohol, so as not to cause any problems or irritation to the skin.


    Water temperature


    Check the water temperature before taking a shower

    The idea of ​​showering with water at a relatively lower temperature will be difficult, so you can get a few seconds under cold water, as soon as you finish showering, as a kind of moisturizing and reactivating skin cells.


    Quality of clothes

    Avoid woolen clothing as much as possible, as it causes skin sensitivity


    Try as much as possible to stay away from wearing wool clothes directly on the skin, and replace them with other types of cotton, which are soft on the skin, because some people are sensitive to this type of clothing.



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