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    Souq, which means market in English, and it is an Arabic term

    The reason for choosing the name souqtube

     considering that this site has a lot of information that is not specific to something
    souq You can buy something and also read personal articles, topics and news of everything we think is good for publishing

    Our idea is based on not being bored, so we may tell a story, then after that we offer advice, then a narration of information about something comes.

    Souq, which means market in English, and it is an Arabic term

    in souq We might talk about money or we might talkabout cars or cooking

    After baffled and asked many about the secrets that souq or souqtube contains, we decided to reveal more to our followers so that you will have all the information about the crime.

    Our idea is based on the popular markets in which you wander around and find a lot of products, and the hunger to buy is what attracts you to owning that commodity.

    With the big difference, we are a free site, subscribing to souqtube does not require much effort from you, just registering or following up and navigating within the site

    The name souqtube is our exclusive property without a partner and we also have another site called blogtube which is under construction

    We have encountered a problem that we want to be the best and to be a market full of everything that is useful.

    Yes, we may suffer from lack of sequence, but the idea is like a popular market that has many products, including the expensive and cheap and has all tastes and that the beauty of the popular market is the diversity of colors And not waiting for it, it helps not to be restless

    Because of this it will not affect you completely, you may like to look at what the articles contain from the titles only, and that after you return to the main page, you will find the articles below each other.

    We wanted to tell our followers why we created and what our goal is
    The basis on which souqtube is codification is not specialized in a specific field
    Yes, we accept that others publish with us after review

    What are our goals in souqtube

    We believe now that you have understood the meaning of the name and we have replied to what is going on in your minds
    And all we ask is that you swim inside the site and know how much information there is
    You will definitely find an article that sparks your desire to read
    We have been interested in publishing topics that are very useful and important at the same time. We choose our topics after careful study and extensive study, then the time for publication comes.
    We take into account many dimensions, the most important of which is not to talk about some pornography, sexuality, hostility, spread hatred among peoples, or incite terrorism or extremism, or spread racist ideas.
    The souqtube site is basically suitable for all families, large and small, that can browse freely
    We consider ourselves children of the whole world and carry all nationalities
    We acknowledge all nations and welcome peace, development and prosperity
    You will find all of our topics aimed at teaching people new skills or gaining good experiences

    What benefits the souqtube group

    Yes, we now have respectable visitors, but we know that the day we will be among the global sites will be
    And that will be thanks to you
    We do not have other goals and we do not express a specific group or a specific thought. We express everything that is human and everything that truly benefits humanity.
    We do not tend to lose minds, sell illusion, and fabricate crises for the sake of fame or money. Our policy is compatible with the family and all its members, grandparents, fathers and children.
    If you like our raising of the topics, we hope that you will support us only by continuing to follow us, this is our ultimate goal
    We are pleased with all the world
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