Taylor Swift the girl, how about a success story

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift the girl, how about a success story?

Taylor Swift was born on the 13th of December 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania on her family’s private tree-planting farm near Womissing, and she began writing her first song at the age of five, and when she was sixteen, Swift released her first album.

Taylor lived in an American family in the countryside as her father worked as a stockbroker and the mother was a housewife

She was influenced by her grandmother, as she was an opera singer

Since childhood, she liked to be a singer, and then from her teens she began to announce herself

When she was 11, she sang the American national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Championships, and began learning guitar.

Cleverly and so intensely her passion for the richest country, those songs that have the gentle spirit of the country, are dearly a cheerful musician, also dancer and enthusiastic, even if they are sad.

Here Taylor realizes that she must be a country ambassador with her songs

As soon as she started releasing her first song,

“Our Song.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Its star began to shine in the sky of America until it became one of the brightest stars

For information, here in the article we will not talk about her career in detail

But we will talk about how she achieved her dream

Let’s look at how that happened?

First thing

she sang the US national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Championships, and started learning guitar.


Swift often visited Nashville, Tennessee, the first country music destination, in order to pursue a career in music, so she co-wrote some songs, and tried to sign her first music contract.


After her family noticed their daughter’s persistence and seriousness, they moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee, in an attempt to help her fulfill this dream.


In Nashville, Swift performed well at the Bluebird Café, and I had the opportunity to sign a contract with Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine Records.

Look carefully:

The emergence of talent, then the determination to learn it, and then face the world with a dream
And belief in her ability, then perseverance in traveling to obtain what she deserves
The family’s faith and encouragement, and the family’s observation of talent, diverting the path of the family and traveling to achieve their daughter’s dream
Then she did not start as a star, but worked hard and sang, showed herself and refined her skills, then tried to stand out and gain from her and sang in a cafe until the decisive moment came and the first contract in her life came to be a ladder to rise to the top
Intelligence, talent, faith, patience, perseverance, it does not matter where we started, the pain is that we started
If we learn from her life that you can achieve what she dreams about
Imagine a girl from the countryside who becomes a big star, and from a normal life to earning more than 58 million dollars

It’s not impossible.

It’s all about tracking your event
Wait, you might ask, I don’t know how to sing
No, this is not the intention of the article
Search for your talent is not a requirement to be gifted with singing, but search for yourself
What you like and the easiest thing you prefer is it may be difficult for others that is talent
You may be a famous merchant, a writer, a famous journalist, an actor, a famous scholar, a famous accountant, a lawyer, or even a famous carpenter.
It does not matter what is most important is the realization of yourself to succeed
And you get what you want
The rest is simple, except that Taylor preserved her beauty, of course, is not artificial, but she used all healthy methods for that.
And what earned her her fame also was the lack of affectation, as she sang in a simple and spontaneous way that showed the girl’s spirit and tenderness without being overly concerned, but on her nature completely, which facilitated the task of reaching others
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Mohsen Sidqi