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Behind the scenes, the Giza butcher uncovered two new victims and buried them in Bulaq and Alexandria .. The number of his victims reached 4 so far .. The father of one of his wives buried in his apartment for “The Seventh Day”: He put poison for her in the juice and transferred her body inside “Deep Freezer”

The confessions of the Giza butcher, accused of killing his wife and burying her body in a cemetery inside an apartment in Bulaq Dakrur, in addition to killing his friend, burying his body in a cemetery adjacent to his wife’s apartment, impersonating the victim, seizing his property, and committing several other crimes, including marriage to a pharmacist impersonating the victim. And the marriage of the daughter of a wealthy merchant impersonating an electrical engineer, about a new surprise, as the accused confessed to killing the sister of one of his wives, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances several years ago, and buried her body in a cemetery inside an apartment in Bulaq Dakrur, because of his association with her and threatening to expose his matter as his marriage approached with her sister Then he decided to kill her and bury her body, as the accused confessed to killing a worker in his office his property in Alexandria, after he promised to marry her, seize from her an amount of 45 thousand pounds, and evade his association with her, so he killed her and buried her body inside a store.

For his part, the father of Fatima Zakaria, one of the wives of the Giza butcher, who was killed by the accused and buried her body in a cemetery in Boulaq Dakrour, told “The Seventh Day”, in his first statement about the accident, that his daughter was married to the accused, 7 years ago, and they live in an apartment In Al-Kom Al-Akhdar area, affiliated to Al-Haram Police Department, and on the day of the accident, the accused committed his crime by placing the poison for her in a juice box and serving it to her.

The victim’s father added that the accused placed her body inside “Deep Fraser” and sought help from other people to transport him to an apartment in Bulaq Dakrur, then prepared a cemetery for her, and buried her in it, indicating that he discovered the disappearance of his daughter. 

The victim’s father said that he discovered the disappearance of Deep Fraser from her apartment, where he was the one who bought it for her, and when her husband asked about him, he claimed that his daughter before her disappearance, donated it because of her fear of him to sneak a mouse inside, but he doubted his matter, and made sure that he was involved in her disappearance And he edited a report in which he accused him of causing her absence, and charged him with her murder.

He stated that although the security services and the competent prosecution office extracted the body of his daughter from the cemetery in which the accused was buried, in an apartment in Bulaq Dakrur, he has not yet received her body, due to the legal procedures followed in those cases, as the prosecution decided to conduct a DNA analysis. He went to the Forensic Medical Authority, and a sample was obtained, to match it with a sample from his daughter’s corpse, to verify her identity.

The investigations of the Public Security Authority, in coordination with the Giza Security Directorate, revealed that the accused “Gaddafi F”, who is 49 years old and holds a Bachelor of Laws, is incarcerated in the Appeal Prison pending the misdemeanor case of Sidi Gaber Department in Alexandria for “theft” to carry out a one-year prison sentence. And the accused of killing his friend, Engineer “Reda”, impersonating his name, and killing his 34-year-old wife, and burying their bodies in an apartment in Bulaq Dakrur. Among the persons associated with him about his confession to the killing of a worker in their own library, who is the sister of one of his wives, aged 25 years, residing in the pyramid, where the accused stated that he had previously had a relationship with the victim, in February 2015, before his marriage to her sister, while she was working on his side, As the date of his marriage with her sister approached, she threatened him with exposing his matter, so he determined to get rid of her and kill her.

The accused added that the victim had been lured into an apartment facing the previous apartment, where he buried the bodies of his “wife and his friend”, strangled her, and buried her with her clothes in one of her rooms, and deluded her in her eligibility by escaping and traveling outside the country with someone to work in the field of acting and advertisements, so they did not write a report of her absence.

The accused also confessed to the murder of a worker in an electrical appliances store owned by the accused, who is 33 years old, residing in the first district of the park in Alexandria, and the reporter for her absence is a report in the first section of the park. Her king “and upon her insistence to recover the money or consummate the marriage with her, he lured her into a store” located in the Asafra area in Alexandria “, claiming to give her goods worth the amount and he strangled her and buried her with her clothes inside the store.

Detectives are conducting intensive investigations about the incident, with the completion of investigations with the accused, especially after investigations revealed his involvement in a series of other crimes that are being revealed in the coming days.

The case of the Giza butcher, who is accused of killing his friend and burying his body in a cemetery inside his apartment in Bulaq Dakrur, seizing his property, impersonating him, in addition to killing his wife due to family disputes and burying her in the same apartment, witnessed new developments, especially after the disclosure of a series of his crimes, including confirmation of one His wives, who married them after his escape to Alexandria governorate, and she is the daughter of a wealthy merchant, associated with her using a false name, as he called himself “Muhammad Mustafa”, impersonated an electrical engineer, and stole gold jewelry of nearly 2 kilograms of gold, in addition to his seizure of He married a pharmacist with whom he posed as engineer Reda the victim, on gold jewelry valued at nearly one million pounds.

Surveillance cameras monitored the accused, wearing a veil, carrying a bag containing the stolen items of his wife, the pharmacist, then entering a property and changing his clothes, taking a taxi in Alexandria Governorate and running away.

Investigations’ investigations revealed that, after he had stolen his pharmacist wife, he disappeared and assumed the status of an electrical engineer named “Muhammad Mustafa” and married the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and seized from her father’s villa gold jewelry weighing nearly 2 kilograms of gold.

For his part, the lawyer for the family of Engineer Reda, the victim, appealed to the officials to quickly prosecute and execute the murderer, for retribution for his victims, and to publish a video of the moment of his execution in the media, so that it would be a lesson for everyone who begged him to attack innocent people, for the sake of his personal ambitions.

The lawyer of the victim’s family added that the family of the engineer, Rida, is demanding, in addition to retribution from the accused and his execution, to restrict his property that was seized from the victim, and to return it to his wife, children and heirs, as the value of the property seized by the butcher exceeds 8 million pounds, in addition to the necessity to freeze his money and confiscate any Property of his own.

The family of the victim, Engineer “Reda” thanked Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, at the Giza Security Directorate, and the investigation officers of the Haram Police Department, for their efforts to coordinate with the Alexandria Security Directorate, to prove the accusations against the accused, and to deport him from Alexandria to Giza, to reveal The place of burial of the two bodies in his apartment in Bulaq Dakrur.

Investigations’ investigations revealed that the accused exploited the confidence of the victim, the engineer “Reda”, who was working in one of the Arab countries, and seized his property, and when the victim discovered his manipulation and fraud, he decided to return to Egypt to end the material transactions between them, but the accused lured him and killed him by putting poison on him. In food, then his body was buried in a cemetery in the apartment of the dead man’s owner in Bulaq Dakrur.

The accused committed another crime, by killing his wife, due to differences between them, so he put her poison in juice, then buried her body in a cemetery adjacent to his friend’s apartment, and after that he married another girl, killed her sister and buried her body in an apartment adjacent to the apartment that witnessed the burial of his friend and wife, and the accused leaves after that to Alexandria impersonates his victim friend, marries a pharmacist, then seizes from her father gold jewelry worth nearly a million pounds, after disguising it by wearing a veil, and the accused impersonates an electrical engineer named “Muhammad Mustafa”, and marries the daughter of a wealthy merchant. And he steals from her father gold jewelry weighing about 2 kilograms of gold, until he was arrested in Alexandria on charges of theft, and the journey to uncover his previous crimes begins, after he committed the murders 5 years after their execution.