Thomas Jumpert died Shocking news in 2021

    Thomas Gumpert
    Thomas Gumpert

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    Thomas Jumpert is a famous German actor

    In the series “Verbotene Liebe” before the evening, he has been seen in seven roles over the years: TV actor Thomas Gumpert dies, he was 68 years old.

    Thomas Gumpert
    Thomas Gumpert


    With his distinctive face, the form of the previous evening series “Al-Ishq Al-Mourabi”. And not just through one role. In an ARD production, Thomas Gumpert has embodied several characters over the decades. Since 1995 he has appeared in seven different parts of the series. The longest – from 2003 to 2008 – was photographed by Count Johannes von Lanstein.

    Early in his career, Lauchshammer, Brandenburg, Gumpert was seen in small roles in major DEFA films. In 1974 he worked in the Thomas Mann movie “Lotte in Weimar” and in 1989 the gay drama “Exodus”.

    Jumpert later played in a number of TV series. For example in “Wolffs Revier” or “The Clever” or “The Rosenheim Cops” or “Alisa – Follow Your Heart”.

    As his agency announced, Thomas Jumpert died on Thursday after a brief serious illness. He was 68 years old


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