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YouTube is the third most popular site in the world, with more than a billion hours of views per day, and this number is growing. If you own a YouTube channel, you can monetize your YouTube channel; We’ve often heard of YouTubers (people who own a YouTube channel and post their videos to it) who get rich. This idea is compelling and a little compelling, as those of us do not want to turn our passion into a profitable career.

And the most tempting idea is that you can get $ 1,000 per million views. But in the event that you are a beginner, this method will be useless but do not be disappointed, there are other methods other than views to activate monetization from YouTube.


Add affiliate links

Adding Fleet links to your videos is a great way to make money. It is recommended when you use a specific product in your videos that you can link to it with a link; If someone buys the product you refer to in the affiliate links, you will get a small fraction of the proceeds from purchasing that product. You should definitely create an account on affiliate sites such as Amazon Affiliate, ShareAsale Affiliate, eBay Affiliate, and others.

Once you are logged in, you can copy the product links to add them to the top or bottom of the video that you publish, or you can add it in the explanation or in the comments, and there are some important notes that you must take into account:

If you put the link in the explanation, try to put it on the first three lines because it appears automatically to the viewer, as for what is below it, we have to click on View more to show it.
If you put it in the comments then pin the comment as the first comment that appears.
The most important thing is not to make the links complex and long, try to make them short and neat, and use links shortening sites such as gl or To Make Money On YouTube In 2018, From, see it on 12-20-2018 “data-footnote-id =” article-footnote-397-2 “> 2
Sell ​​your digital products

Selling digital products like e-books, educational videos, podcasts, apps and more, is a great way to make more cash. The advantage of selling digital products means that you can sell an unlimited number of products without running out of them. After you set up your digital product, you have to place it on a digital platform such as Hotmart.

Register on the site and fill in the registration information, and when you enter the platform, two options will appear for you, either sell your digital product or affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing is the same as an affiliate, you only need to choose a product and promote it on your channel), now click on products, create a product In the side menu, then proceed with the construction steps. When you finish and the product is successfully added, copy its link and promote it on your channel, as we talked about affiliate links. Learn how to Sell Digital Products with Hotmart, from, view it on 12-20-2018 “data-footnote” -id = “article-footnote-397-3”> 3

Other tips

First: If you want to become a popular YouTuber, you have to post two to three times a week, so you have to publish regularly, you don’t go to work once a month and then you regret it and say to the manager, “Sorry, you were busy.” Instead, you wake up and go every day, or you will be fired, and this is the case on YouTube. You should not lose your enthusiasm and post every day to get followers and an increasing number of views.

Second: Even if you become YouTuber, you should not quit your job, you must maximize your potential income because many YouTubers have become less income because the app is giving developers more than ads.

These were some of the ways to make money using YouTube. If you like the previous information, what are you waiting for? Go and start collecting money

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