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    Trump is the outgoing president and is known as the president who wrote sharp posts, in a new and recent blog he threatened social media with using his veto power and a section 230
    He justified that by saying that social media platforms have become more aggressive and must be stopped, and according to him, they have become a judge who prevents and approves according to his personal laws.
    He went on to say that social media should be stopped because it participates in a lot of fraud in the will of the electorate
    Social media responded that it was only blocking any misleading and false claims


    So far, he justifies losing the elections due to the fact that social media platforms did not stand by him

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    What is new here is that we will make a comparison between Trump and Obama, the former president of the United States, who preceded Trump or who handed over power to Trump.
    Trump threatens section 230 and Obama reaps
    It is strange to find a president threatening and claiming, and another who gains great money
    Obama, after his term expired, what did he do? The first thing he said was his humiliation. He relieved the weight of his task on his shoulder and time became the property of his family, which was deprived of much
    Soon, he began writing a book about his biography and the secrets and events that he encountered, and he made a lot of money for this.
    And not only that, but also his wife, Michelle Obama, also published her book, which achieved the highest sales
    And now Obama has begun agreeing that the famous rapper Derek will play the role of Obama in his autobiography
    How nice it is to find someone who has lost his position but made the best use of that loss
    He made millions of hard-earned dollars while he was president of the United States
    And Trump, the real estate developer, wants to lose his identity as well, with what he lost yesterday
    Obama, a legal attorney, Trump, a real estate developer, a businessman, who holds a BA in economics and a graduate of the Military School, all of Trump’s qualifications make him more passionate and intelligent in the economic aspect. Quite the contrary, the person with lesser skills is the one who has achieved good social and financial gains about losing the position for success that is added to his resume. Trump believes that he is provoking his bringing him in order to protect him and justify to himself and others that his defeat in the elections, as for Biden, was nothing but deceit, fraud and fraud, and that he was worthy had it not been for the interference of hidden hands.
    It is a personal viewpoint that you may agree with or differ with me, but that is our vision


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