Volkswagen conquers the world with a new model and the reason is .. 1937

    beach, beautiful, beetle Volkswagen

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    Volkswagen,Who among us does not know Volkswagen, which has become the best-selling Volkswagen in the world, we will talk here about the most important reasons and secrets about Volkswagen and we think that you may be hearing it for the first time


    The reasons for the birth of Volkswagen

    First of all, you should know that Volkswagen has the largest car brands and brands in the world.
    The company was established in 1937, and the strange thing is that it was said that the one who created it was the German Workers’ Party at the time, but there is something hidden

    Who is the owner of the first innovation of a Volkswagen

    Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler the Nazi was a lover of painting and that among his ambitions was to become a painter
    One day, Hitler wanted to create an industrial economy for Germany, especially since it had become hostile to all neighboring countries.
    He had no choice but to think of something useful except that he had indicated that he wanted the people to ride in a popular, cheap car.
    As the people who were dead due to the conditions of war could not afford to buy a bike
    And while he was seated, Adolf Hitler made or sketched a design for the shape of the Beatles’ car that was a scribble.

    VolkswagenThis is Hitler’s real drawing of the Beatles design

    Then he asked Ferdinand Porsche, the owner of Porsche cars, to implement the design of the car
    Here Ferdinand asked for a place to do experiment and manufacture, and it was only that Adolf Hitler issued an order.
    Mercedes factories have to do that
    Ferdinand succeeded in creating the first Volkswagen design and introducing it to Hitler, who was so pleased with it
    Hitler’s desire was to manufacture an inexpensive car for the German people with German specifications
    Then Hitler held a large conference inside the Volkswagen plant
    He said that Volkswagen will sweep the world

    Was Hitler’s prophecy of Volkswagen realized?

    After the first Beatles product or a Volkswagen was released, Hitler ordered each of the party leaders to ride.
    That car, but it did not reach the German people, because of the Second World War
    And after the victory of the Allies and the defeat of Hitler
    Germany was divided into two parts, eastern and western
    And since the Volks-wagen site is located in West Germany, and after it was found that the condition of the factory is good, it was not affected by the war
    The British tried to get the Volkswagen plant back to work, and after several attempts, it was strange that the  company was offered to sell to Ford, but Ford rejected the offer altogether.

    beach, beautiful, beetle Volkswagen


    Famous brands owned by Volkswagen, and were it not for the 2015 scandal, Volkswagen would have been number one in the market so far.
    In September 2015 US authorities announced that Volks-wagen had tampered with environmental standards by programming some of its diesel-powered vehicles sold in the United States to only run an emissions monitoring program when the vehicle was tested. This scandal caused the CEO of the company, Martin Winterkorn, to resign, and analysts stated that this scandal is considered a threat to Germany’s economy, especially since the company employs about 600 thousand people.

    The reason for naming the first version of the Beatles
    After Hitler opened the factory, international newspapers made fun of the car’s shape, especially the New York Times, which claimed the title of beetle on the car and its design.

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